Simrad OP10 Autopilot Controller

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OP10 Autopilot Controller

The OP10 is an intuitive, wired remote controller that seamlessly integrates with Simrad autopilots. It can be utilised as a second controller alongside larger NSS, NSE and NSO systems or as a standalone controller when linked to an IS40 instrument display and the necessary computers and drives.

The OP10 features large clear keys, straightforward operation, backlighting for night use, single-mode toggle, and includes a prominent off’ key for returning the pilot to standby. The controller wiring utilizes a single Micro-C connection on the back, and is incredibly easy to mount using a unique clip mount design. The OP10 is compatible with the Simrad AP24 and AP28, and it can also be networked with the NSS, NSE or NSO displays. The OP10 also supports autopilot control for Volvo IPS drives.

Easy To Use
Large buttons, LED backlit keypad and illuminated status bar ensure safe and reliable autopilot control, whatever the conditions.

Complete Integration
Ideal for new build or retrofit, the OP10 is fully compatible with any Simrad recreational autopilot that currently uses AP24, AP28, Simrad NSS, NSE or NSO for autopilot control. Volvo IPS drive compatibility ensures further levels of system integration.

Simrad Yachting Construction
Elegantly designed yet brutally strong.

Total Control
Switch from manual steering to auto at the touch of a button, safe in the knowledge that you’re in control.

Easy Installation
Micro-C connectors provide for quick and easy daisy chain connection. Compatible with industry standards.
Manufacturer : SIMRAD
Manufacturer Part No : 000-10932-001
UPC : 9420024121498

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